Experience, innovation and flexibility well describe our engineering attitude.

Experience acquired from a large number of projects developed during more than 30 years with collaboration and consulting provided to construction/installation contractors in the various fields of activity.

Innovation stimulated by the young components of our team and by the continuous contact with international software houses.

Flexibility to adapt our experience and skills to all kind of projects.

We invest constantly in acquiring and updating the most modern software packages to improve efficiency and enhance control of quality.

The design process is conducted through software like SACS, MOSES, TEKLA, SOLIDWORKS and AUTOCAD 3D with close integration of calculation, modeling and drafting phases and back.

A  data management system is implemented by means of the ORACLE WCC software, project resources, cost and progress control are managed by mean

Strada 1 Palazzo WTC
20090 - Milanofiori - Assago (MI), Italy
Tel: 02 92882150

P.IVA / Cod.Fisc.: 06503230150
TECON srl non è a socio unico e non è in stato di liquidazione.

Tecon QMS is certified ISO 9001-2015 by Lloyd’s LRQA