Halfdan Project

Country: Denmark North Sea
Period: 2005- 2007
TECON SOW: Detailed design of stiff wall module HBC
Work description

One of the first examples of module structure of the "stiffshell" type without diagonal braces and with the external corrugated plates as structural members.

Halfdan BC accommodation platform is installed in the Halfdan Field (Denmark North Sea), 43.60 m water depth.

HBC is bridge connected to the HBA and HBB platforms.

The module is a 9 levels structure with an helideck on top; the main dimension of the Module are 43.0 mx22.0 mx34.0 m.

The topsides form a self-contained complex including the following utility and support facilities. Among the most relevant:

  • Accommodation facilities for 80 people. Including single rooms, recreation rooms, galley, mess, changing rooms and offices
  • HVAC system
  • Workshop
  • Free fall lifeboatsCrane facilities
  • Helicopter deck with all safety systems (for WESTLAND EH101 helicopter)

Design was performed in accordance with the requirements of the Danish LRFD Code.

Tecon services

Design for in-service and temporary conditions for:

  •  Primary Structures;
  •  Corrugated Sheet Walls;
  •  Helideck;
  •  Crane Pedestal;
  •  Bridge Landing;
  •  Secondary structures (flooring, stairs, walkways, technical rooms, equipment supports)