Sabratha Living Quarter

Owner: AGIP GAS BV Libyan
Country: Libya
Period: 2003- 2004
TECON SOW: Detailed design of living quarter
Work description

Detailed design of living quarter module for 120 people installed on Sabratha platform offshore Libya in about 190 meters water depth, with the following main features:

  • Number of floors = 6
  • Overall height  = 24.6 m
  • Overall length  = 41.3 m
  • Overall width = 20.0 m
  • Total Weight = 1700 t 

Helideck with octagonal shape 22.3 m width 

One of the first examples of module structure of the "stiffshell" type without diagonal braces and with the external corrugated plates as structural members.

Design certified by Lloyd's Register.

Tecon services
  • Basic and detailed structural design for all the construction installation and in service phases.