CLIPPER Platform (project in progress)

Owner: Shell UK Ltd
Country: North Sea - British Sector
Period: 2013- 2014
TECON SOW: Detailed Design of Jacket, Top Side and Bridge
Work description

Clipper field is located in the Southern sector of the UK North Sea, it stands in 22 meters of water, 113 km North Northeast of Lowestoft, 73 km from Bacton and 66 km from the nearest point on the Norfolk coast.

The new PH Platform is a PLQ module, complete with a helideck and an integrated cellar deck, installed on a four legged jacket, bridge linked to the PT platform

The PH Platform topsides main columns, directly supported by the jacket legs, are on a 18mx24.8m pattern. The PLQ module extends over seven levels: 1 utility deck, 3 accommodation decks, 1 further utility deck, 1 roof deck and the helicopter deck.

The accommodation facilities are provided for 84 people.

Jacket weight                                               800 t

Topside operating weight                           3500 t


Tecon services

Detailed Design  of the Topside, Jacket, Piles and Bridge structures for the in-place and temporary phases.