FILANOVSKY Topsides (project in progress)

Client: SAIPEM
Country: Caspian Sea (Russia)
Period: 2013- 2014
TECON SOW: Engineering of the float-over operations and design of all related special structures and equipment.
Work description

The V. Filanovsky oilfield facility is situated on the territory of the licensed territory “Severny” in the Russian sector of the northern part of the Caspian sea, in the shallow water area 170 km south of Astrakhan.

The first stage of the offshore operations at the V. Filanovsky oilfield involves the placing of the following facilities:

  • Ice-resistant fixed platform IFP-1
  • Living quarter platform LQ-1
  • Central processing platform CPP
  • Riser platform RP (provided with a flare)

Platforms LQ-1 and IFP-1, IFP-1 and CPP, CPP and RP are linked by connecting bridges (CB).


Tecon services
  • Naval analyses of sea-transport of the topsides, flare and bridges
  • Mating analysis of the CPP, LQ-1 and IFP-1 topsides
  • Design of the barge and substructure fenders
  • Design of the grillage and sea-fastenings of the topsides, flare and bridges