Gioia Tauro LNG Terminal (project in progress)

Country: ITALY
Period: 2008- 2014
TECON SOW: Feasibility and Feed Design of a LNG Marine Terminal for 70.000 to 250.000 Gas Carriers
Work description

Import Marine Terminal for LNG Carriers from 70.000 to 250.000 m3.

Jetty length of 600 m founded in water depths ranging from 10 m to 70 m with a steep mud-line.

Jetty made up by long tubular steel trusses supported by monopiles, monopodes and jackets.

Platform and dolphins made up by steel decks supported by jackets.

Site characterized by difficult geotechnical conditions and high seismicity requiring huge consolidation interventions on the foundation soils of the steep slope.

Cryogenic pipes of the pipe-in-pipe type supported by means of a seismic base isolation system.

Tecon services
  • Feasibility Studies for Jetty layout
  • Navigation Studies (in JV with Technital Milan)
  • Ship Mooring Analysis and Downtime Assessment
  • Preliminary Structural Design
  • Geotechnical Analyses in Seismic Condition and Soil Improvement Design (in JV with Soil Milan)
  • Feed Design of the Structures (in progress)
  • Cryogenic Pipe Base Isolation System Design (in progress)