IDKU LNG Marine Terminal

Country: Egypt
Period: 2001- 2002
TECON SOW: FEED Structural/Marine Design
Work description

The LNG export facility consists of a 2.4 km long access trestle supported on steel piles, a marine terminal building and platform from which the loading operations are monitored, a loading platform with loading arms, breasting and mooring dolphins and a berth for the tugs.

Tecon services

Feed advanced design of the Marine Terminal structures and marine equipment including:

  • Design of the Approach and Jetty Trestle (40m typical spans mixed construction on raked piles)
  • Geotechnical and Structural Design of Piles
  • Design of the Loop platforms
  • Design of the Mooring and Breasting Dolphins
  • Design of the catwalks
  • Design of the Berth Platform (concrete structure on steel piles)
  • Design of the auxiliary moorings
  • Design of the Service Platform
  • Marine equipment selection
  • Ship Mooring Analyses
  • Tender Specifications
  • Cost Estimate