Jamnagar Berth A1 Project

Owner: Reliance Port & Terminal LTD
Client: Reliance Port & Terminal LTD
Country: India
Period: 2009- 2010
TECON SOW: Multidisciplinary Detailed Design
Work description

Reliance Jamnagar Marine terminal is located in the Gulf of Kutch, State of Gujarat, India about 35 km west of the city of Jamnagar.

Berth A1 is provided with three loading arms for handling HSD, MS, ATF, PX, OX and Methanol. (for HSD, MS and ATF two loading arms and PX, OX and Methanol one loading arm).

The new Berth A1 is constructed with the facilities as described below.

The Berth A1 is designed for berthing of vessels size of 195 m LOA and 11.5 m draft maximum.

The Berth A1 is a four legged platform provided with operating deck made of concrete supported on steel structures and steel piles. The operating platform is 24 m x 21 m at 11 m C.D.

Tecon services

Detailed design of the Berth A1 structures, marine equipment and piping/mechanical including:

  • Design of the Pipe Rack from Knuckle to Berth A1 platform
  • Geotechnical and Structural Design of Piles
  • Design of the Mooring and Breasting Dolphins
  • Design of the catwalks
  • Design of the Berth A1 Platform
  • Modifications of the existing auxiliary moorings
  • Marine equipment selection
  • Ship Mooring Analyses
  • Piping stress analyses and support design
  • Mechanical design