Milan Underground Project Metro and Railway Lines

Owner: Metropolitana Milanese
Client: Various Civil Contractors
Country: Italy
Period: 2001- 2010
TECON SOW: Detailed Design and assistance to Contractors during execution
Work description

In the last decade city of Milan has expanded its metro lines and built new ones.

TECON has developed many detailed projects for the main Milan Metro lines.


 Main projects:

  • Line 1 “Prolungamento Molino Dorino – Rho Fiera
  • Line 2 “Prolungamento : Famagosta - Assago - Milanofiori forum
  • Line 3 “Prolungamento verso Comasina – Affori Centro e Affori Nord
  • Line 5 “Costruzione Stazioni: Bignami, Zara, Deposito
  • Line Nord “Collegamento FNM – Saronno - Malpensa
Tecon services
  • Detailed design of all the earth retaining structures made up by anchored slurry walls and micropiles
  • Detailed design of the anchoring and strut systems
  • Detailed design of all the station and well reinforced concrete structures
  • Detailed design of all the temporary steel bridges and decks
  • Bar bending sheets
  • Assistance to Contractors during execution
  • Assistance to Contractors and Owner during commissioning