KCOI LLP Yard Project

  • Owner: KCOI (Kazakhstan Caspian Offshore Industries LLP) - Rosetti
  • Country: Republic of Kazakhstan, Aktau city
  • Period: - 2008
  • TECON SOW: Detailed design of the fabrication yard quay

Work description

The main characteristic are the following:

Quay level above average sea level                      ~ 2.5 m ref to M.S.L.
Water depth in front of the quay Dredged to ~ 4.5 m (-7.0 m extreme level)
Width of access channel
(dredged on sea bed)
~ 100  m
Legth of access channel
(dredged on sea bed)       
~ 800  m
Allowable distributed load in erection area                         20 ton/m2
Main and anchor structure made up by anchored sheet-piles

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