TECON brings together professionals with complementary work/age experience in a skilled team composed by:

  • structural engineers,
  • naval architects,
  • mechanical engineers,
  • reinforced concrete specialists, 
  • geotechnical engineers,
  • FEM specialists,
  • 3D modeling specialists,
  • software specialists 
  • material and fabrication experts, 
  • cost estimate experts
  • construction and installation experts.

Our policy is to employ young engineers and technicians freshly graduated from universities and selecting people with the best preparation and motivation to form a well integrated team of professional with ages smoothly varying from the youngest, in their twenties, up to the team managers and shareholders with over thirty year experience.

Most of our engineers are specialized in earthquake engineering.


Strada 1 Palazzo WTC
20090 - Milanofiori - Assago (MI), Italy
Tel: 02 92882150

P.IVA / Cod.Fisc.: 06503230150
TECON srl non è a socio unico e non è in stato di liquidazione.

Tecon QMS is certified ISO 9001-2015 by Lloyd’s LRQA