SARAS REFINERY - Revamping/Extension

  • Owner: SARLUX Srl
  • Client: SARLUX Srl
  • Country: Sarroch, ITALY
  • Period: 2016- in progress
  • TECON SOW: Detailed design services in multidisciplinary engineering

Work description

The Saras Group is one of the main independent oil refining operators in Europe. The Sarroch refinery, on the southern coast of Sardinia, west of Cagliari, is one of the largest in the Mediterranean in terms of production capacity and structural complexity.

With processing capacity of over 15 million tonnes a year - 300,000 barrels  per day - the refinery provides about 17.2 % of Italy’s refining capacity.

The Group is engaged in the production of petroleum products through its subsidiary Sarlux. The Sarlux plant lies next to the sea, and its marine terminals are its gateway to the world. Most of the crude for the refining process is delivered by sea; likewise, most of the finished product is shipped by sea.              

The old terminal at the South plant has 11 independent mooring points (9 for tankers of up to 65,000 tonnes) they are used for shipping the finished oil products and for the reception of semi-processed products. The two piers further away from the shore, for the mooring of tankers of up to 300,000 tonnes, are used for the unloading of crude.

Tecon services

Detailed design of the following activities:


SARAS REFINERY - Revamping/Extension (310.38 kB)

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