Nigeria - Saipem Service Quay

  • Owner: SAIPEM SCNL
  • Client: SAIPEM MILAN
  • Country: Nigeria
  • Period: 2013- 2014
  • TECON SOW: Basic Design

Work description

 Quay develops on a front of about 130.0m.

The main characteristic are the following:

Quay elevation                                              +4.00 ref to M.S.L.

Maximum design depth                                  -7.50 ref to M.S.L. (-8.00 M.S.L. extreme level)

Front concrete beam                                     1.2 x 2.50m

Bollards                                                        100t /15.0m (front quay)

Compacted filling height                                 2.5m

Yard equipment                                             Crawler crane, Mobile crane and Multiwheels

Tecon services

Basic Design including General layout showing all the designed facilities, Layout plan and typical cross section of the quay structure, structural report, specification for construction and material take off.

The Basic Design of the new Quay has been developed considering two alternative options:

       Option 1: with concrete diaphragm walls

       Option 2: with steel walls

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