• Owner: LUPIE MARIS s.r.l.
  • Client: ESE Engineering Services for Energy S.r.l.
  • Country: Italy – Adriatic Sea
  • Period: 2022-
  • TECON SOW: Feasibility study of the Offshore Substation

Work description

Lupie Maris s.r.l. - joint venture of Galileo and Hope Group s.r.l. - have decided to develop a new wind farm zone in the Adriatic Sea - approximately 30 km East offshore Brindisi - which is named Lupiae Maris.

Lupiae Maris wind farm zone will have a transmission capacity of 525MW and will comprise 35 No. wind turbines of 15 MW capacity each. The current produced by the wind turbines (66kV) will be transmitted onshore through a fixed offshore substation in 105m water depth using HV cables (380kV).

The platform will consist of a lift-installed Topsides on top of a steel Jacket piled to the seabed. The Topsides will be housing high voltage switching and transformation equipment as well as auxiliary facilities and accommodation modules.

Tentatively, the Topsides size will be L45m x W25m x H35m and its weight will be approx. 5000 metric tons.

The Jacket will be 4-legged structure supported by 2 piles per leg (96” OD), connected to the Jacket using a standard grouted pile sleeve connection.

The Jacket will support 9 No. preinstalled J-tubes, which will be used for pulling in the 66 kV inner array cables of the connecting wind farms and the 380 kV export cables.

The estimated weight of the Jacket is approx. 3.000 metric tonnes.


ESE Engineering Services for Energy S.r.l. and Tecon s.r.l. were commissioned to come up with the feasibility study of the electrical and structural components of the offshore substation

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